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Cedar is Back

The server Cedar is back! I don’t know why Pandanda brought it back. I think Pandanda has become very popular and lots of Pandas have joined it! πŸ˜€

Here’s a picture of it:

So what do you think about it?



New Clothing Catalog!!

Check out the New Clothing Catalog:


Pandanious is Back!!

Hey Pandas! I’m thinking of returning to Pandanda! My stats have gone very low, so please tell all your friends to visit my blog! There might be “Rare Panda Giveaways” in the future. So check this blog often! πŸ˜€

Comment what you think!


New Contest!

Henry announced the new contest in his blog! πŸ˜€

This is what he posted:

pandanda great games for kids

Hi Pandas,

I’m thrilled to announce our new Pandanda Trivia Contest! The contest where we test your knowledge of all things Pandanda. Beginning tomorrow (Saturday), over the next 10 days a purple box with a question mark on it will appear somewhere in Pandanda Land. Find the box each day and click on it to read the trivia question for the day. There will be a new question each day for a total of 10 questions. You’ll have to be sharp and attentive so you do not to miss a single question! No question will be repeated so if you miss one you may not have everything you need to enter the contest. This is where we hope our dedicated bloggers will help everyone keep track of the questions and post them on their blogs and perhaps give hints on how to answer them.

To enter the contest you must send us a single e-mail to contest@pandanda.com with the answers to all 10 questions. The first question will appear on Saturday Feb. 6th. The last question will appear on Monday Feb. 15th.

pandanda great games for kids

We will randomly pick 3 winners from the first 1000 correct entries received via a raffle. However, you DO have to have all 10 questions answered correctly to win! Each Panda is allowed one entry.

  • Three Grand Prizes will be awarded to the Pandas who correctly answers all 10 questions and are randomly selected from the raffle:
  • The 3 raffle winners will each receive:
    • A one of a kind custom ‘Pandanda Trivia Contest’ rug for your tree house (totally rare and famous!).
    • and … A gift certificate for a 3 month Elite Membership for you or to give to a friend

Click here to see all the contest rules and more in-depth explanation of the contest.

Good luck everyone!



The first box will be hidden on Saturday 6th! So check Pandanda everyday!

So what do you think about the prizes?! Please Comment!


New Clothing Catalog!!

There’s a new clothing catalog and furniture catalog!! Henry posted about the catalogs in his blog:

Click here if you can’t read it. Take a look at the New clothing catalog:

1st page:

2nd page:

3rd page:

4th page:

5th page:

6th page:

And there are 2 new pages in the Furniture Catalog:

The new items are awesome! What do you think about them? Also don’t to get this week’s Zing item!


Zing’s 18th Mystery Prize!!

Zing Ballyhoo’s 17 Mystery Prize is out!!! I am really happy, I wonder what it is… To get the prize follow these steps:
1. Login to Pandanda
2. Go to any available server
3. Search for the golden tickets around pandanda (They pop up like cans and fruits)
4. After collecting all 10 tickets go to Zing Ballyhoo, click on him and then click on the prize:

So this weeks mystery prize is…..

A Chinese New Year Hanging Lantern!!

(Thanks to PDG for the pictures!)

Its a treehouse furniture. It’s nice, what do you think about it? Comment what you think!


Quick Update!

Henry announced some updates in his blog:

Happy Friday everyone!

There’s going to be a Valentine’s update to the clothes catalog comming next week! Also, I hear there will be a few new treehouse items available to help you get prepared for the Superbowl!

This weekend is your last chance to buy any remaining Pandanda Christmas items so stock up before they’re all gone!


Sorry, I am really busy right now. So I’ll not be able to post updates quickly!